With year 12 at author Tony Birch’s Reading “Blood” yesterday morning. So excited!

In contrast to last year, it was very fascinating and instructive. Moreover, the book chosen for the 12th grade was quite interesting. The author himself was extremely open-minded and revealed a lot about his own life. The event ended with the opportunity to meet the author personally and get an autograph. All in all, it was a memorable experience.

The Literature Festival in Berlin was very interesting. We listened to Tony Birch, who read from his first and new book ‘Blood’. It was very exciting and inspirational.I hope he will publish his next book soon.

The ilb last week was a great experience for everyone who likes Tony Birch and his books. For everyone who doesn’t know who Tony Birch is: He is an author who wrote only short stories in the past and has now released his first novel.    

On the one hand, it was very interesting, funny and instructive. On the other hand, it was exhausting to listen to. The author explained himself very well and it wasn’t monotonous at all. For me the Literature Festival was a good experience and I am looking forward to visiting it next year.

The literature festival always offers a warm and pure experience you will get nowhere else. It never really gets boring because of the fact that several stories are being told. You also can interact with the author him- or herself in the Q&A at the end of each reading. Book collectors can get autographs and may take pictures.

The literature festival is about authors, who present their books. One of them was Tony Birch talking about his newest book “Blood”. The book is about the life of two children, who have to take responsibility of their own very early, because of their mother’s habits. The author answered all of the questions about the book and you could also get an autograph.